MEWU - Mobile Expandable Welfare Unit

The most portable welfare unit in the world. Low cost UK wide Mobile Expandable Wellbeing Unit (MEWU) hire. Portable toilets for use at festivals, campsites, construction sites and even garden parties. Fully adaptable and Rail Network compliant.

Portable toilet & welfare on site. Welfare Vans 4 Less offer rapid deployment of the latest portable toilet solutions. Call today for a FREE no-obligation quote.

The first complete welfare unit that can be deployed anywhere on the UK railway network.

Compacting to a 4ft cube, the MEWU fits onto a standard rail trolley or trailer for deployment at the point of work – including directly on the ballast.

The MEWU can be customised with a defibrillator and first response kit, which is housed on the exterior of the MEWU. This ensures your team can immediately access lifesaving supplies, in the event of a cardiac arrest.

Complete welfare facilities and emergency supplies at the point of work.

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